It’s all about the Looks / How to Create Nifty Packaging for your Hand Crafted Items

Part of the attractiveness of making your own crafts will be in the material that you choose to send it in. This is the first impression that the customer will have of your product, making it essential to have the right packaging to give or send the craft in. One of the options in packaging, if you decide not to buy the packaging, is to make your own packages that are unique to your crafting business and items.

There are several different options that you can use when creating your own packaging for hand crafted items. The first thing to consider is what type of packaging you will be using. This can be a box, bag, or any other creative item that will hold whatever it is that you are selling. Many times, you can cut or design a box to reflect your business. It is easy to find boxes and containers that are in different shapes with different cuts. You can also take your own regular box or cardboard and design it with putting the slots into different places to fold into a different shape. If you are shipping the box, you can also use different types of cardboard or plastic to send the craft in. As well as these different packages being folded, they can easily be designed with your own made stamps or designs. If you decide to use a bag, you can create your own using white bags and different types of stenciling, paints, etc. You can also have these custom designed by a company.

The labels that you are using for your packaging can be creative, with a logo or some type of picture to represent the item they are getting or your craft business. One of the ways that you can decorate your package labeling is by using silk screen printing. This is a common form of decoration. This usually will put one to two different colors on your design and package. If you would like more colors, then printing your logo or information with a hot stamp can be considered. This will also leave a shine and somewhat gold design on the package. You can also custom label just about any type of packaging that you are using with either your own techniques or through the help of other businesses. If you have the right tools on your computer, you can design and create your own logos, etc. on a regular application and print it through special paper, then attach it as a label on your package.

You can also decorate the protective paper that you are wrapping the craft in. You can make a custom label with this or make your own paper by simply getting regular tissue or wrapping paper and decorating it with cheaper items such as stamps, your logo, etc. It is possible to do this with any part of the packaging that you are sending an item in.

Another option to look into is packaging the craft with an inner box or container, as well as an outer box. With this, possibilities are endless. You can put your craft in a can, bottle, jar, pottery, seashell, basket, or anything that will hold the craft and be reflective of what it is. Smaller purses or bags that are sewn, etc. can also be used to provide an extra something that the customer gets with their purchased craft. These containers not only are creative, but can be decorated with your logo, or any other type of paints, to add onto the craft. You can also decorate it by putting a certain cloth around the box, bag, jar or whatever you decide to use. This will make the container look more professional.

If you do not want to make your packaging completely from scratch, there are several places that make custom packaging for you to use when sending something to customers. These places can also simply provide ideas for your packaging needs.

While there are endless possibilities with decorating and making your own packaging, it is important to keep in mind that the packaging should look professional and be a part of your business. One way to help in deciding what to do with the packaging is by making sure that it is a reflection of the craft and the business that you are a part of.