Hippity Hop – Easter Crafts to Cash in on

Easter is such a great time of year for everyone and is a time for craft workers to delve into their creative basket and sell their Easter items. There are many things craft workers can do to make Easter a profitable time of year for their business.

Here we will go through some great craft kits for Easter you can make and sell specially for the little ones and the not so little ones.

Chocolates and candy:

Children love making things that they can eat and being Easter it is the ideal time for such a project. If you are making chocolate and candy craft cook kits for children, there are plenty of recipes to choose from. All you need to do is include the right amount of ingredients, molds to make it a bit more and enjoyable and the instructions. Some of the food ideas you can make into a do it yourself craft kits for children are:

Chocolate: Make sure you offer them in different varieties of chocolate and various other candy that is compatible, to make it something fun and different.

Toffees: Offer one that is both a hard and soft. A good thing to include in a toffee kit is food coloring, especially for the hard toffee kit.

Biscuits, cakes and slices: make them fun and easy to make, like choc chip cookies.

Make sure when you are creating these kits to put an expiry date on them and have a list of all necessary ingredients that aren’t included in the kit.

Costumes and Jewelry:

Another thing children love making is items that they can wear and play with to let their imagination go wild. With Easter there are a few things that you can make into craft kits for children to make in terms of costumes and jewelry. It will give those hours of fun.

Bunny ears, tales and feet: these parts can be sold separately or all together and can be made out of felt, cardboard or some other child friend material. Make sure most the difficult items are already cut and include extra pieces incase they get broken or lost.

Necklaces and bracelets: these kits can contain all sorts of beads, ribbons and bits and pieces related to Easter. Lettered beads are a great for a child to create personal Easter messages on their jewelry. Again this kit should include extra pieces.

Fun Items:

There are hundreds more ideas that you can turn into children’s craft kits that can spend hours of fun creating. Some of them include.

Bookmarks: With bookmarks you can pre-cut them or make them into a stencil in the shape of an Easter egg or a rabbit to be cut. Use durable materials that will hold and include items like googly eyes and pipe cleaners to give it a fun effect.

Baskets: Baskets are something fun for children to make as they can add their own style to it. A good idea for baskets is to create them in a shape of an egg or a rabbit’s head. These can easily be made out of cardboard.

Easter chicks: these craft kit children will just love. When making the kit provide many fun things like pom-poms, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. Make sure you add extra parts and easy to understand instructions.

Easter magnets: these would go along the same lines as making a bookmark. Have the materials to be sturdy and of an interesting shape like a rabbit or an egg.

Easter bunny puppets: this can be made out of a variety of materials like cardboard, felt, pipe cleaners and pom-poms. Children will love this idea and will give them hours of fun while and after they have made them. With the kit include many colors and many shapes and variations. Again for materials make tricky parts pre-cut and include easy understanding instructions.

There are so many different crafting kits that you can create for fun activities for kids to do while celebrating Easter. The ideas above are easy to create into a kit and are cheap to assemble or you could always come up with your own. They will give children hours of fun and you an extra bit of cash to enjoy over the holiday.