Creating and Selling Crafting Kits as your Main Business

Everyone likes to bring out their crafty side every once in a while and usually the first thing they look for is a craft kit. Craft kits are an easy and a fun way for a person to do craft, they have all the materials they need and the instructions to help them create work of their own.

Crafting kits can be for people of any age and crafting experience, which is why so many people are getting in on the business. How do you make your craft business stand above the rest?

First you have to start with the right craft kit. You need to do this because there are so many crafting kits out there offering so many different projects. Before you delve into selling your craft kit, ask yourself some questions like:

Who is my kit for, children, teenagers, adults or all of them?

Does my craft kit offer something different then the rest on the market?

If it is the same is there a new twist that I can put on my kit to make it sell better?

Is there a way to make my crafting kit more enticing and fun?

Are my instructions easy to understand and follow?

Is the project kit itself easy to make?

Once you have created your craft kit you need to put a price it before you can sell it. All prices need to be taken into account like materials, labour and other initial costs before you can add a profit to the item. Most craft workers recommend that you multiply the production costs by three or four, for example if it cost you $5 to make a craft kit you should sell it for $15 or $20. Many people also recommend children craft kits stay under the $10 mark. In the end, what you price your craft kit is up to you and how much you want to make and sell.

Now that the pricing is out of the way you need to start selling your kits, there is a number of ways you can do this:

Craft shows are always a great place to start, though they take a lot of time in travelling and expenses. Craft shows are a great way to get your products to the consumers interact with them and answer any questions they may ask. You can also do live demonstrations on your craft kit to show potential buyers how they work.

Go to the markets, or other places where you think you target consumer is and set up a stall. It is again a great way to interact with your customers and you can also do live demonstrations. It gives your customer the chance to get more information about the products and you the chance to answer any questions they may have.

Launch you business on the web; you can reach millions of people and potential buyers with the right marketing strategies. By making your website interactive with users you can do video tutorials for people who buy your products, to help take it through them step by step.

If you don’t want to launch a store or website straight away until you are sure people want your products, you could go through craft store outlets. Many craft stores are happy to take new merchandise and will even let you do in store demonstrations as it boosts business for both them and you. If you are looking to have your business online you could consider going through auctions websites like EBay. On EBay you can run a mini shop stall and sell your products to a wide range of shoppers for a small fee.

Some things you should take into account when you launch your craft kit:

Always take twice as much stock then you think you will sell.

Be prepared if someone asks for bulk orders, it is common in the craft business as many people use them for workshops and child activities.

Ask people for comments or their opinions on your craft kit and if anything, what you could do to better the kit.

Don’t forget to make a marketing strategy as they can help boost your business once you have it up and running. Give out flyers, press releases, go through radio stations, magazines and other related advertising revenues to help get you started.

Having your own craft business takes a lot of work to get started but once you get the ball rolling you will be on your way to being a successful business owner